Which part of the house should renovate first?

It's best to start with the kitchen because these remodels add significant value to your home. You'll need to rent a large garbage container. Carefully demolish all or some of the areas of the house that will be renovated. Demolish as much as possible if you are not going to live in the house.

The first project they addressed was landscaping. The house, built in 1956, has been recently renovated. Experts are giving new advice on the best order to renovate a property after it was revealed that more than half of homeowners have made mistakes and 36 percent regret their renovations. The results of the BestRating survey show that one in 10 has made mistakes when changing the structure of a property.

Not only is this expensive to correct, but it can also affect resale value: 63 percent of potential buyers have been discouraged by structural problems. An average three or four bedroom property has 10 radiators, which could be replaced at a cost of around £1,600; doing so is estimated to add £10,000 in resale value. Consider if all electrical systems are secured, the position of the oven, refrigerator and kitchen furniture, and you may need the help of a designer to redesign the design. Many retail stores, such as Homebase, offer free consultations on kitchen design, while IKEA has a handy 3D kitchen viewer for experimenting with your home styles.

According to research by BestHeating, renovating a kitchen can add up to 10 percent to the price of a property, so it's worth the investment. If you're renovating your entire home, you'll probably want each room to match in style and design, at least in the main meeting spaces, such as the kitchen, family room, and basement. He suggests dividing the project into sections, choosing a starting point that works for you, and then going through adjacent or contiguous spaces, while avoiding the temptation to jump to different areas, which can prolong your renovation project. Home prices vary from city to city; buying a home in rural Utah will be much less expensive than buying a home in Miami, Florida.

A look at the elements of a major home renovation will give you an idea of what it entails and will help you plan your projects effectively. Everyone knows this isn't true, but this rapid remodeling style presided over by simplistic hosts eliminates the central idea that renovating a home is complex and difficult. If you're in a state with an expensive housing market, you might want to consider keeping your home and doing a renovation. If you are lucky enough not to have to re-plumb your entire house, a cosmetic renovation of the bathroom may suffice, in which the plumbing and electricity are not altered and the design remains intact.

Jim Angleton, a homeowner, has renovated quite a few properties over the years and advises new homeowners to place tiles or boards on floors before placing all their furniture. No matter what you choose, plan to install the floor as late as possible in the renovation process. It's one of the best tips from Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud, who says this is often a common mistake when renovating. In most places, the building code requires that only people who are professionally licensed to perform the work can handle this part of the renovation.

If you just want to upgrade a room or two, replace some floors, or maybe paint some walls, definitely consider renovating your current home. The best thing is to create your team of renovation professionals according to your needs, whether it's architectural plans or permissions to decide on aesthetics or finishes, or all of the above. Sweeten combines home renovation projects with selected general contractors, offering guidance and financial protection at no cost to the homeowner. Between the time you spend on your daily routine, the cost and deciding what to renovate first, there's a lot to consider when renovating every room in your home, not to mention the coordination it requires with interior designers, contractors and other professionals.